From Mike C.

It started for me on August 25, 2003. I decided to get clean, after making my last run and almost killing a lady who was with me. As I began to apply myself to New Life rules, I started to live again and began working again. I started paying rent and going to church again. The more I applied myself to New Life, the better life became. Learning how to live, I made meetings and I had a great sponsor. Because the owner of New Life saw in me what I couldn’t see in myself, I became president of my house. I also had a chance to accomplish my dream – I graduated from truck driving school and today I’m grateful for NA and New Life.

I’ve moved back home after living in New Life House for 1 year and I do the same thing I did there. This is a story of an addict who has chosen not to use not one more time. Thanks for letting me share.

From Michael C.

I first met Rick U. in 2004. At the time I had over a year clean time. A friend of mine (who is now my sponsor) was the President of one of the New Life Houses. I’d go over there to fellowship and got to know Mr. Underwood well. His house was always a good, clean, safe place to go and I always felt comfortable there just visiting. A turn of events on my part took me back into active addiction. When I decided I had enough, New Life House is where I turned… I was provided a safe clean very giving place that I could continue my recovery. That was in Dec. 2006. Now I am a president in the organization and helping others to get along with their lives to live life on life’s terms. Thank you Mr. Under wood.

From Terry (A grateful recovering addict)

Safe house – Yeah, that’s what they called it. The only safe houses I knew about had crack and heroin in them. That was until I met Rick Underwood. I’ve been an addict for over 20 yrs. of my life. I have tried many different approaches to stop, control, limit my use until finally it was impossible to stay stopped or so I thought. That was until New Life, a fitting name, because that’s just what I found here, a new life, a new way of thinking, a new way of living. That’s not to say that this program is for everyone, I believe you must first have the desire to stop using drugs. You must be willing to change and be open-minded to this New Way of Life. If you are there, I applaud you. If not we will be there when you are ready. Don’t wait too long, tomorrow is not promised. 10 months ago, I made the choice to turn my life over to the God of my understanding and to this program. I’m glad I did. To the newcomer- it starts with a white chip and begins with a New Way of Life or New Life. Thanks 4 letting me share.

From Billy M.

My first drink was about 35 yrs. ago. I did not think I had a drinking problem until 2004. I went to Charlotte, NC to the New Life House on 6/14/2007. I was a little unsure about leaving Greensboro. It was one of the best moves I made. I had been in a Oxford House for 9 mos. but New Life House has been a blessing. Since I have been here, I have met a lot of new friends. Mr. Rick Underwood understands about your problems. He gives you a chance to come into one of his homes, to help you get back to reality of life. My life has changed so much since I have been here. This is the best move I have took to get my life back in order. I am now the president of the Alleghany house. I do what it requires. I obey the house rules and I go to meetings. It was a honor to have Mr. Underwood hand me my 1 yr. sobriety chip. It is an awsome feeling to have someone like Mr. Underwood that knows what it is like. I have also found a church I have been going to since 11/2007. I was saved and baptised on 12/24/2008. Calvary Baptist church knows about my addiction and they are a group of wonderful people.

All donations are counted as blessings from God.

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